What is a Flat Fee Commission and What are the Benefits?

While most Brokers charge 6%, offering 3% to a procuring buyer’s Broker, we at Oak Tree Realty Group offer a $4995 plus 2.5% to a buyer’s Broker. We do what higher pricing real estate agents do, but at a fair price. By hiring Dan Moore Team, a homeowner selling a house for $500,000 would save $12,505 versus a full price Broker.

 Let's Market to the Sell:

By using social networking, internet marketing, MLS posting, professional photography which includes a full drone image of the home (excluding Condos), We strive as a team to make your property a priority and by doing this the results have been astounding. 

FAQ: What is the draw back, it sounds good but is there any hidden problems or costs? 

- With modern technology in full swing let's use it to our advantages! By working together with my team, we together will use these advantages to make your home at the top of the charts. There are NO additional fees, by utilizing todays technology it develops the availability to sell more homes in less time and bring those savings to you.